We Are on a Roll (a Toilet Paper Roll)…

Alright, I apologize for that title. I really do (but do you get it??). It’s 12:07 am on Monday and my brain is a bit fried. Last week we did a frantic, last-minute finish of our third bathroom and if I have to visit the tile store or make a decision again in the next 48 hours my head might explode.

I debated about sharing this project already because it’s not finished, but I figured some real time action might be appreciated. If you follow me on either Facebook or Instagram you’ve seen some sneak peeks of this space. While our house is 98 years old, this bathroom is essentially new construction. When we did our remodel we put a dormer in our attic, added extra floor joist supports and finished it off to create a second story. Here’s what the creepy attic looked like before.

Lots of …potential? You should have seen the super steep, narrow stairs you had to traverse to get up here! (And maybe one day I’ll tell you all about the pornographic painting we found up here.)

Last week I showed you our main floor bathroom transformation, which included a pretty sweet sink. Before we even closed on the house I ordered the sink below from Overstock.com.

Not as cool as the one I scored secondhand, but just fine for a third bathroom.

I knew I wanted a vintage style for our main bath, but didn’t think I could afford a really high-end, name brand sink. Then on our neighborhood FB sale page I was able to snag one at a great price. So this behemoth, which was meant for that main bath, got relegated to the third bath. It was delivered to our old house, moved by the movers to our current basement, the cardboard box was ruined when our basement flooded, and I unpacked it and hauled it up to the attic where it’s been sitting ever since. Quite the journey.

Still lots to do, but the sink and toilet are FUNCTIONAL

But let’s back up a bit…

The red area is where the bathroom ended up. This attic space can now be used as a master suite or a guest room with en suite.

When we were working with our architect we were concerned about taking on too much and asked her to draw this bathroom in as unfinished. This means the space was created and our GC’s plumber roughed-in the plumbing, but we didn’t have any intentions of finishing it right away.* In fact, I’ve basically been using it as storage for the last few months. Last weekend my husband gave the green light and we went for it.

I’m almost too embarrassed to show you this pic, but it’s real life. Also, where do you all store your luggage and travel bags??

*We did prime this room when we primed the rest of the addition. More fun with a paint sprayer! Then I took leftover paint from our living/dining rooms and used it in the bathroom. Not a design decision — just a “this is what I had on hand” decision.

Hubby had started to do the flooring months ago. With zero input from me, he went and got floor tile. The only reason he chose this particular tile is because he thought the size would make it easy for him to install. He got most of it installed and then stopped — for months. So many months, in fact, that the tile was discontinued and I wasn’t able to get more. <Insert huge Tisha freak out here> Luckily, he had three partial tiles left that he had chopped into that we were able to make work. Good lord…he about gave me an aneurysm with that one.

These large 12” x 48” tiles became a key design decision for this room…and I had nothing to do with them. 😬 I don’t love them, but I don’t hate them either.

Since the floor tile was already out of my hands, I had to base my shower tile decisions around it. I went a little rogue (as my husband said) with my choices, but I’m happy with them and they work with the floor.

I fell in love with these HUGE Whitehaven 24” x 48” polished porcelain tiles. There is no window in this bathroom so I knew I wanted to stick to light colors. I wanted this on the back wall with very small grout lines so it almost looked like a solid surface.
I picked a coordinating subway tile to run up the side wall, across the ceiling and back down the other side wall.
We have hex tiles in the other two bathrooms so I wanted to choose something different for this one. Penny tile for the shower floor, it is!
Once I pulled all my junk out of the storage room ehr….bathroom, it was time to tile.
Because this was the attic and is the end of the dormer we don’t have a ton of height. I was worried about drywall on the shower ceiling so we made the decision to tear it out and do tile instead. My first time having a tile ceiling!
Shower pan and curb installed, plus Go Board on the walls. If you’ve ever worked with cement board you know how heavy and hard to work with they are. This Go Board is a game changer! I can carry three in one hand!
I have a feeling this penny tile is going to feel good on my feet.
I won’t tell you how many people I consulted about how to do spacing on the large porcelain tiles. Fewer tiles/grout lines won over symmetry and I”m not mad about it. If we had gone for symmetry we would have needed 8 tile pieces instead of only 6.
Mommy’s little helpers.
This was my first time doing vertical subway and I like it!

Since the sink has chrome legs, I chose chrome finishes for the shower hardware and light fixture. I have no problem mixing metals, but in this small bathroom where all of the parts are so close together, I chose consistency.

The only element in here so far that really feels like me is the mirror. I found this mirror waiting to get picked up with the trash on the curb in Upper Arlington. It had been snowed on, was damaged, and then sat in my garage for two years. Needless to say, it needed some freshening up. I have a highlight on my IG that shows how I fixed her up real nice.

She was a bit worse for the wear when I found her on the curb, and then she sat in the garage for far too long.

The rest of the decor is a work in progress. Follow along on social media and watch me finish it up.

There may still be stickers on the shower door and grout haze on the tiles, but if still feels good to be able to say the shower is (almost) done!

Here’s what’s coming…

Since the plumber jammed all the bathroom components together on one side of the room (don’t get me started on how unhappy I was with our plumber), there ended up being a lot of space on the outside wall. My plan is to install three wall-to-wall shelves for storage. Tossing around ideas for creating doors for the unit, but we shall see. I may keep some of it open shelving, but we could really use closed storage in there as well. Follow along on social media — I’ll document it there as I go!

I picked up these pre-finished shelves at Menard’s. I may add a trim piece to the front to beef up the look, but we’ll see.
I’ll use these 1 x 2 boards on all three sides to support the shelves. My hope is that this is enough support and I won’t need any brackets in the middle.

I still need to stain the threshold, caulk the shower door, seal the grout and install the door casing and baseboards. And then the fun part — decor! Let’s hope it doesn’t take another few months to wrap this up.

This bathroom is way out of character for me (and I’m worried it looks a bit like a boring hotel bathroom), but my hope is once it’s decorated it will take on a whole new vibe. What do you think?

2 thoughts on “We Are on a Roll (a Toilet Paper Roll)…

  1. This is lovely! Also in Clintonville contemplating an attic conversion. Know already that we need a dormer and floor reinforcement and possibly spiral stairs. Wondering if you were planning on a post to discuss some of those structural challenges in the future!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Absolutely! There will be a post that details our planning, hiring an architect, finding a general contractor and how things went with the attic conversion. We did have to get a completely new set of stairs with a new foot print, but spiral stairs is an interesting idea!


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