Master Bedroom Lacking Style: Part 1

One of the great features of this house was the option to have a first floor master. I’m no spring chicken, and I think I’ve told you before that I plan to die in this house. Having a first floor master just makes sense for long-term planning. Because our house was only a single story when we bought it, the largest bedroom was already on the first floor.

Pros: Original windows and trim. Cons: An ugly, dirty ceiling fan.

Some of the drawbacks to the room were the fact that it had one small closet (typical for an older home) and no attached master bathroom (also not a surprise in an old house). We knew that as part of the addition on the back of the house we wanted to add a master closet and bathroom. This meant we lost a set of windows, which is unfortunate, but there was no way around it.

There were two of these sweet little wall sconces. Sadly, one had to go because it was too close to where the closet door needed to be. I insisted we save the other one, much to the dismay of the electrician.

We decided to have the bedroom open into a new, walk-through closet that would lead to the master bathroom. I liked the idea of being able to access the closet if my husband was in the bathroom, and the further the toilet is from the bed, the better. Am I right? Our contractors boarded up the window and created a new doorway. I asked that we take the original closet door and use it for the new closet door, salvaging as much of the wood trim as possible.

The original back wall. Sad to say goodbye to those windows and sconce!
This door opening will soon lead to my new closet!

We moved the original closet door so that we had a full wall for bed placement. It’s now behind the door to the room, and not visible so no door needed. It’s long and narrow, but actually has more room in it now that the living room mirrored-wall niche is gone (you may remember that from my living room post).

This is the original closet door, on the wall opposite from the new closet door. A little switcheroo and this will become the door to the new closet.
They put drywall over this doorway and created a nice wall for bed placement. The new opening is just around that stud.
This is my husband’s closet. He spent a ridiculous amount of money on this sad Elfa system from the Container Store. Separate bathrooms and closets save marriages — I firmly believe that.
We had these floors done along with the rest of the original oak flooring in the home. We left it a natural color without stain.

I painted the walls one of my favorite colors — Sherwin Williams Oyster Bay. I love blue-green colors and darker bedroom. I also wanted it to work well with the color of the original woodwork.

Other than painting the ceiling, painting the crown molding and putting in a new light fixture that was all the time and energy this room received. With all the work that went into this house, the master bedroom was low on the priority list. Do you find that’s the case in your house, too? It’s hard to pour time and money into a room that guests rarely see, but it’s a room that WE spend time in so I think it deserves some style.

We had this light fixture in our last bedroom, and my husband loved the shadows it throws. I had to let him have it again — only this time I found it at Costco for a great price!
The old closet door in its new spot.
I found this bench in an alley (no one is surprised). My husband loves this artist, David Choe, and selected this art for the room. The smaller frame holds a copy of a love letter from Johnny Cash to Patsy Cline that my husband had framed. He’s such a romantic.
The only window has gorgeous woodwork I’m hesitant to cover up, yet feels naked to me. I hung wood blinds (custom cut at Lowe’s) for privacy.
I bought this bed secondhand, and the reason I chose it was because it’s tall enough that our chihuahua can’t jump up on it. Priorities.
This is a REAL sad corner of the room. I like the antique mirror I got off of FB marketplace, but the cherry dresser and TV are no bueno.

Here’s where you come in! I have three ideas for small changes that could make a big impact in this room, and I want YOU to help me make some decisions. If you don’t yet follow @thisoldclintonvillehouse on Instagram come over and give me a follow. I’m going to be sharing the progress of these updates over the next 3-4 days, and am counting on your input to help me make decisions!

Potential Weekend Projects:

  1. creating an accent wall behind the bed using wood trim
  2. using a color block to make a statement around the bench
  3. adding window treatments to the window

Let’s see how much we can up the style in this room in the next few days. I appreciate your help!

3 thoughts on “Master Bedroom Lacking Style: Part 1

  1. Windows.. leave the beautiful wood all visible but get some kind of wide lace (four to six inches) or material that matches a color in the bed spread and put it on the top of the blinds, even white to just match the blinds would work. You could even paint the top of them or use paper trim.. you just need a touch of pretty.

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